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The Bible That Saved Me


I had been to church my entire life. A small, white church made up of cinder blocks. My great-Grandfather helped to build the brick & mortar church that got its beginnings on the congregation’s porches & in their living rooms. The non-denominational church that arose from those meetings was called The New Testament Church.  I was baptized in a creek as a pre-teen, but never really got it. It was.. Read More

Homeschooling Goals

I’ve been thinking, stressing, & thinking some more about what my homeschooling goals are. What I truly hope to achieve from educating our children myself. We all want our children to be smart & happy & to be able to get good jobs so that they in turn can take care of themselves & provide for their families one day. Beyond that, the single most important thing that I want.. Read More

Lydia’s 3rd Frozen Birthday!

We celebrated Lydia’s 3rd birthday a back at the end of November. My Mom & Bruce came to celebrate with us & the following day we celebrated Lydia’s actual birthday & Thanksgiving a few days early. The day started off with a visit to Ms. Kelly for Elsa hair. In other words, Momma can’t french braid. I’m very slowly getting better with practice. Hopefully the girls won’t be in their.. Read More

2014 – A year in review

Holy cats, batman! What a year 2014 was! It started out a little rough with a Parks & Lydia pulling her brand new dresser on top of her. That resulted in an ER visit & a very shaken & very pregnant Momma. She turned out to be fine, just a little bruised up. It was immediately strapped to her wall afterwards. I also had a lovely weekend stay in the.. Read More

SANTA….Stepping on Toes

I’m growing weary of the non-belief in Santa articles, blogs & discussions that I see popping up all over the place. My biggest issue with it you ask? Why are you still buying presents for your family? Why not devote all of your extra resources, time & energy to giving to others? Not your children. Not your spouse, or grandma, or your sister. I mean giving to people who are.. Read More

To the fellas…

Husbands, Stop talking to & treating your wives like they’re dogs! I treat my dog better than some of you treat your wives! Just because you have a penis & are the breadwinner, does NOT give you the right to treat your wife like your maid, cook & nanny. They know you’re exhausted. Trust me, they are absolutely beyond tired too. So HELP THEM! Clear the table, do the dishes,.. Read More


Our wolf cubs.

I’m seriously considering buying one for the sole purpose of recording my daily life. I’ll just strap it over my pajamas, because lets face it, I live in pj’s. I used to throw on a t-shirt & yoga pants & pretend like I got dressed. In reality it’s just more laundry that I have to do. I think that I have enough laundry. Anyway, back to the GoPro camera. It.. Read More

How the heck did that happen?!?!

DSC_0082 1.11.59 AM

My sweet baby boy is five. FIVE!!! How the heck did that happen?!!! Which means that we have been both successfully & unsuccessfully trying to figure this whole parenting thing out for five whole years. While Wednesday was officially Parks’ 5th birthday (I’ll blog about that later), we celebrated with a party last weekend. A Lego birthday party! I’ve been planning this shindig for at least six weeks. Parties don’t.. Read More

8 Weeks Down!

We did it! We survived our first two months of homeschooling. It took a few weeks, but the boy child has finally stopped complaining about schoolwork. I think it finally clicked that this is his life now. It involves schoolwork & he can either do it at home with me or at school with a teacher. October to Christmas is always super busy for us & it’s absolutely my favorite.. Read More

30 is the new 20

Not really. I was a lot more rested at 20. I was also a lot more selfish. My jeans were a size or two smaller. My belly wasn’t covered in stretch marks. The backseat of my car wasn’t filled with car seats. I had just started dating my now husbandman a few months prior. I can’t believe we’ve been together 10 & a half years. How’d that happen?! I pretend.. Read More